19,933 Australian GPs use Medical-Messages to keep reliable records of communication with their patients
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How do Medi-Messages work?

  • The telephone rings and a message is taken
  • The message is recorded on the tear-off and the carbon copy
  • The tear off message is delivered to the doctor
  • The carbon copy is securely kept in the Medical-Messages booklet
  • The booklet is archived when it is full.

Useful material for Healthcare Professionals

Included in the Medi-Messages pack are inserts for:

  • TGA/ PBS announcements
  • Request forms for samples / starter packs
    Patient education materials
  • Medicine brochures


Each book of Medi-Messages contains 135 tear-off messages with carbon underlays.

Postage of $7.20 per box (Australia only).

Quantity Price
4 $26.50
6 $39.00