New 2020 GP survey data collected from 534 medical practices representing 2,659 Australian GPs

Average number of phone calls GPs receive in a day


Brand Recognition boost with Medi-Messages


of Brand Message Recall for GPs using Medi-Messages


Increase of Prescriptions of products advertised in Medi-Messages

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Medi-Messages is the most complete way for the doctors in our practice to be kept informed of their patients’ phone requests.


Access Health Care



Medi-Messages are designed to be highly visible and that’s a big help on any doctor’s desk.


Ormond Medical Centre

Ormond VIC 3204


Please increase our allocation of Medi-Message, as we can’t afford to run out. We use them all the time here.


Gladstone Central Medical Practice

Gladstone QLD 4680


There is no better way of managing phone messages in our practice. Medi-Messages are the best for our needs.


Richmond Medical Centre

Richmond TAS 7025


Medi-Messages is a better system because you know if it’s still on your desk the issue is not complete.


Redlands Bay Surgery

Redlands Bay QLD 4165


Our practice relies on Medi-Messages. It’s the best way of recording incoming calls that require important and timely follow up.


Stones Corner Medical Practice

Stones Corner QLD 4126

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