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Healthworks is a respected patient education program that has been used by Australian doctors since 2000. It is independent, credible and endorsed by opinion leaders in each therapeutic area. You can have confidence in using Healthworks with your patients’ education because:
  • each book is independently written
  • the content is authored by a respected opinion leader
  • it’s high quality and written for the patient to understand
  • Healthworks comes in a Easi-Pack library covering a wide range of disease states
  • it’s designed for easy storage and convenient access
  • Healthworks is free of charge

Easily identified, professional, convenient

Credible information on diseases and medicines

Books are written by professional clinicians, and come in packs of 10. Australian medical practices can order up to 2 packs each for free (with free shipping). You can place your order by emailing Princeton Health at

A wide range of titles